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13 Apr, 2024

Supply and demand Price Action Zones is the best Forex trading Strategy- Forex strategies that works

Supply and demand Forex Price Action Trading Strategy Hi, Readers Market has been very volatile amid Brexit Vote on this weekend Which I think would be negative for Pound pairs. Pair has been rising strongly after expected deal finally getting close to implement. Purpose of this blogpost is not about Brexit or any Fundamental that […]

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What is Price Action ? Multiple time frames Top Down Analysis

Trading Top down Analysis  Its has been quite a dialema that what price action. Is it a self-emphasis trader’s curse. Trading price action is something like analyzing top to middle level management and then the quality of the product itself telling the story. Understanding top down analysis from reaction on timeframes  Top to down analyzation […]

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Risk management and quality of trades depends on how you time your trade

Trading Top down Analysis Trading is not only about entries  as it depends on how you manage your risk. There are several entries are always on offer but do we need to take or consider all of them even as to practice or check trades ? Understanding price action is way beyond making consistent profit. […]

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Usd shows signs of strength against yen crosses gbp/jpy low risk buy opportunity.

Trade like professionals We have seen yen crosses losses against most crosses on Thursday except against pound but things are expected to change a lot with the target eyeing yen crosses to move higher on Friday. Gbp/jpy lost the most during the Europen session on Thursday & we’ll target recovery amid low volitality & trend […]

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Euro usd might face rejection near 1.2036 Banks & institutions capped rallies & drops

Euro Dollar Monthly Outlook limited time offer !! Open an account with with this link & fund your account with $250 & get free three month signals from I would like to see more Price action to unfold if we see a test of 1.2040 as failure. Price really capped between two zones […]

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