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02 Mar, 2024

Bullish Price Action on all the Gbp crosses on Major Counterparts

I would like to Daw your attention towards the Gbp Crosses as I got tremendous opportunity on couple of trades in Gbp/usd & Gbp/jpy (Almost 400 + Pips) Chart above is of Gbp/usd, which was the easiest of trade among all the gbp pairs. We have seen some good movement downwards followed by immediately RBR […]

2 mins read

How to trade forex for a living as a beginner l How much does a currency trader make to make a better living

html> Forex strategies ways to find imbalance on a currency chart Everybody keep asking questions about How do we start trading forex and can we really make a living trading it . It it never easy and IF you say you can do it with hard work and willing to spend long days on screen, […]

7 mins read