Forex Price Action Trading l How to trade like banks to make a living with Forex
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Forex Price Action Trading l How to trade like banks to make a living with Forex

Forex Trading for a living Price Action Strategies

Trading Forex requires you lot of patience & experience & you need to get a start and pipeline to where to start . That is why I build up this blog to help you people to learn and keep earning and make a living by trading Forex. I will keep updating this post till the end of next month rather than making newer posts to help you understand the logic behind the price action trading. Trade with logic and trade those setups which have high success rate. Breakouts & breakaway gaps are good sign of probably trapping traders with weekend price actions and it happens usually on most of the Fridays & with next setup in sight I would post live update on price behavior after any Trading opportunities is sighted or provided

How to Trade Breakout gaps that fits into Context of overall Price Action

Trade forex price Action with logic and build strategies that have good reward & don’t require staring at charts for hours. I’ve here put together a masterpiece of price action where you can mark areas to trade . Take not of few things & first of them is Breakout . Best way to trade successful breakout is breakaway Gap which is shown in the video. After we see a break away gap at the start of the week then only think we need to see if price hold those areas when breach that level again

Reaction after price went again into that zone. Biggest thing to note here is Accumulation after breakout away know as Rally base and then drop & then retrace & consolidation again and sign of panic selling and all you need to do is mark the areas to sell & put the top and set targets. Stay update and subscribe to the channel

Sell of usually have follow through & pending orders hidden at the source of the move

As I told earlier in my post that I often rely on price action techniques to take decisions In this video I’ve explained the reason and logic behind taking my decisions. We usually have buyers after breakouts but this techniques is often used for stop hunting specially when we have left shoulder just behind the previous price reactions to that levels.

Friday sell of was quite strong and approach to that level was quite imminent after two days of approach & that is why I’ve posted this chart and video to help you understand the recent price action techniques that have been used for years by institutions and banks They often target areas to take all the orders to fill in their oppossite large set of orders Order flow was very strong that even go beyond the recent low but targets are always set on recent time frame structure low.

Decision Points, location of Price Action and Retest Approach in Forex are very criticial

In the post above , I clearly mentioned how easy it becomes to trade Forex and you can take your decisions based on the location of candles built on volatility days. Gbp/aud was prime example of trade which happened on Friday and you can look or left shoulder approach when it was retested and breakouts as well. It was clear that we are having good R:R in that approach but location of candle was the most important things to keep in mind. That candle was rejected of an important support and Rally base drop of a fakeout was another thing that help me to take that trade.

This chart below is of usd/cad had the same approach, but PA was quite choppy and trade arrives bit later. Trade in GA arrives in the volatility hours of Eu session & that is why I always recommend you to take trade based on their active session but Usd/cad trade breakout happened also in early Eu session , but indecision to take the price further happened hours later in late U.s Session .

I’ll prepare another video in this series soon & would post the link with description and detail post based on your approach & made trading look easy.
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