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Usd overnight exchange rate hints a big turn around in Us dollar futures as pound tumbles

we have seen a big downside squeeze in pound exchange rate against us dollar and in result usd overnight deposit rate squeezed to +135 bps to 190bps….

Forex Signals Majors Euro Dated 20/12/2021

Our signals valid only for four hours when they are posted. Issue time 12:10 GMT : Valid till 15:50 GMT Eur/usd [email protected] 1.1846 stop 1.1872 Target 1.1820

Buy crude oil Futures ||Trade crude furures for a living

Crude oil trading I’ll update the text later Buy crude oil @71.50 stop 70.85 Target 1st 73.45 second 75.20

Trade Performance for the past month & Update on U.S market delisting Chinese Share & how much it would impact global markets

U.s Chinese TRade conflict weighing on global markets Hi, Readers ! I would like to update you guys about whats happening around the world, whether it is…

Forex Trading with Risk Reward & Low risk pullback entries

How to trade Pullback in Forex Trading Forex is all about sighting opportunities & wait till we saw trend resumes and always consider whats happening on bigger…

How to locate good risk Reward opportunities in Forex Trading

Location of trade with Good reward to Risk in Currency Trading Hi , I am continuing from where I left last month. The point to target now…

Forex Technical Analysis & setups for the week starting 17th June 2021

Forex Technical Analysis for dollar Last week we had good run in Gold and setup was pinpoint around 1320 level and tp was 1348 & that hit…

Forex signal for Eur/usd 27/11/2021 03:00 AM UTC

Buy [email protected] 1.1915 stop @ 1.1890 Target 1.1940 Target hit 1.1940 + 25 close @ 2P.M (+5:30 GMT)

Decision making always help you succeed in Forex l Trade Advice usd/chf sell limit 1.0185

Hi traders, Italy refrendum really working as game changer for euro atleast for the current moments and hence we remain subdued for approaching price action to historical…

Pound is approaching crucial support zone . Buy Stops will be triggered around 1.2705 to target 1.3233 zone

Trading levels for supply and demand Trading Price has been very subdued followed by strong rallies in great pound and it is the only pair which has…