ways to find true trends l exit and entry rules in Forex

Forex strategies ways to find imbalance on a currency chart

Trading has been quite choppy and reason being the expectations and japan and Britain focus has now again been shift to Federation and next meeting will be a concern that september rate hike talks would be strong and we can see a hike next month when federation member met for the policy discussions.

Ways to find true trends

Its always important for us to know the trending pairs and play a waiting game till the price itself talk about the next move. No laughing stroke, as I see chart talking about the next move and that is what a trader has to look out for. Recent price action in Aud/nzd tells me that parity is again on the cards specially when so many rejects and overall bearish trend is roaring and we see another rejection Friday and test of 1.0700 area will be rejected once again and we can see 1.0450 and 1.0270 are and that will be a much better trade entry with no risk at all.

Entry and Exit Rule

Sell stop at 1.0700

stop around 1.0735

Target first 1.0580

Target second 1.0450

I really want to test If price has rejected with purpose and supply from 1.0700 has been tested twice and reason I am quite confident that Price has engulf the last flag which was protected while it was tested last time and this time price has strongly rejected from the supply again and this time engulfing the demand strongly and that is the reason any test of 1.0700 will be rejected and that is why I always trading pairs which are trending and have clear swings and have least risk involved.

Swing trading is not easy but logic behind Swing trading is quite simple and you don’t need any help of Indicators and other technical tools to spot the involvement of strong money as they hardly watch any chart to move the price and they use charts only for one purpose and i.e stop hunting. That trade of Aud/nzd can really help you trade naked charts once I post the chart in my next post of trade diary for the week August 14th 2022.

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