Gold Intraday levels. Entry to buy around 1282 & targeting 1320 area – Health and Me

Gold Intraday levels. Entry to buy around 1282 & targeting 1320 area

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Its quite a while since I’ve updated you about the intraday levels and trade opportunities on precious metal Gold. The reason being the rejection off highs and buying at lows and there are not too many opportunities being provided except one that I missed to update.

Recent price Action on Gold is very much clear and swing traders & intraday traders are eyeing 1280-82 levels for the new buying pressure & I would also recommend buying at these levels . Stops should be around 1270 but just below 1270 would be good enough for a very good risk reward ratio which can target atleast 1348 level but I’m setting 1324 for the second target. Chart has been quite clear. We have seen Price action at the key area around 1288 and rejection off the lows around 1270 level.

As I mentioned in the chart with Red Arrows about break of Crucial 1289 level which turned out to be a false breakout and went to sold support & demand & then again price has rallied nicely once again to that price line & I would expect another trap to 1280-82 level for new upside pressure which will be sharp enough to test the 1310 level. So, this would be our first target for gold & I’ll certainly trail my entry at 1300, If Price gets to my first Target in precious metal.

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Trading in this risky environment is very profitable but only if you know how to use money management skills in Forex trading or trading any commodities or stock market. Trading requires patience and also need to be managed well if you want to be a long term trader & want to make a living out of Forex. Forex is the only market which reacts very quickly to events globally as there are lot of rumours and talks & deals going on which creates panic amongst institutional investors to increase and decrease their reserves. So, never take any trade for granted and always manage the risk & trade Risk free once you achieved 40 percent of your initial target which is 1297 in this case. If you reach 1297, then you trail your entry at +2 points to trade risk-free .

Gold trading is usually best for Swing Traders as levels and trends are usually easy to predict or analyze. Prediction often works when they are managed properly. No matter how good you are as a trader and how good the trade can be, there is always a chance of trade going against you & you need to reach and cover quickly in such scenarios as global events are usually unavoidable such as Natural disasters. Gold futures does become profitable if you know when to enter technically as well as fundamentally. Both reasons need to be properly synchronized to initiate a trade & when there is enough Cash Flow, there are lot higher levels are targeted. Check the Chart and trade levels & manage to your risk.

Gold Futures Trading Levels with Entry Exit

Levels have been market in the chart clearly & reason and logic of entry is also quite clear .Fundamentally, there is also a reason to buy precious metal as there is a trade war between U.S & China is on the heating map & any pressure and unsettled deals will push stocks and Indexes from Record highs and In risk appetite, there is only one safe heaven which is Gold which draw attention of retail and institutional investors as well. Keep your stops tights & as recommend and let’s see If this entry is good enough to test the highs and possible higher in the weeks and months to follow.

Stay Tuned for more & Eur/usd post will be there at the start of next week.
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That is how some of the price Action behavior use to behave

Chart below is the prime example of some of the price behavior when it reach or set levels prior to get there and use to hunt stops. I’ll probably explain each of the chart with details in coming weeks and months.

Crude OIL Futures Update with Trading Zones & Entry Exit zones

I’ve been asked to update my view on Crude oil. Crude oil is facing headwinds since past week and awaiting for Curde oil Inventory date to be released which I think will fuel the buying opportunity which should be shortlived as price is really look for stops orders around the areas as I mentioned so an entry around 62.90 area is recommended with stops around 64.55 & target should be atleast 56.50.

One more thing I would like to draw your attention towards which is that if price visit the target first & then approach the supply zone , then I won’t recommend taking that trade as I would rather look for new trading level for the entry & exit and will update the blog in the meantime.

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