Is this market really fundamentally driven ?
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Is this market really fundamentally driven ?

I’ve seen market takes turn based on what big players are focusing. Federation and Trump & OPEC, people with big guns turns the market at will. How long is it going to stay or is it going to stay like it is ?

Can we see banks following the market & turning the table with strong rate cuts & Show off their economies the right way. Well ! New zealand bank did exactly the same way and that was the best volatility for New zealand pair and Crude oil inventories as that create panic amongst central banks of global slowdown.

Same can be expected from Bank of Canada.

Market is not expecting any rate cut at this time of the year but this market is full of surprises and this will be the another one and we could usd/cad take lead and rest follows as well. I’ll surely keep an eye on that as this for me is the biggest event of the week after what KIwi banks did.

Brexit deal, sterling & trading levels

Brexit deal or NO-deal is currently on the cards sooner or later and that is the reason why sterling is so much range bound ahead of any news coming out of camp & also we see strong movement but in range and as everyone is expecting pound to recover, I don’t agree with anyone specifically on the short term, as I see big orders around again at 1.2220 area & I would surely look to ride that area.

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